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Hello! So glad to have you here

Hi! Welcome to OU Coffee Ambassadors! 

We are an initiative by students, for students and junior researchers. We offer free coffee chats with fellow students in local Oxford café's - so you can get a break from the library by grabbing company, coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate) and confidential conversation.


Our ambassadors, i.e. the company you are grabbing, are friendly and supportive - and probably a mix of interesting, inspirational, crazy, calm, creative, challenging or whatever you need. All our ambassadors are peer support trained, in case you need that extra bit of care - but we're about helping you tap into everything and anything Oxford (or Oxford Uni) has to offer. From inspiration to support, from networks to friendships.

You can sign up and schedule informal chats with our ambassadors over a coffee at different café’s across the city, as well as remotely over Zoom. Simply pick if you'd like a remote or in person chat, choose a time and your preferred ambassador in our booking system, and you can meet for a chat! It's that easy. If you are not sure who to pick, send us a message using our contact form with your preferred time and we will find someone for you.

In addition, we will be organising one to two social events per term. At these you will have the opportunity to connect with fellow students, whether undergraduates or graduates, and with postdocs. Our ambassadors will be there too,

so if you would like to meet them, do come along. 

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Sign up! Sound good? Want to try a session and have a free coffee? Sign up with your Oxford University e-mail on the Sign Up link at the top of our page. As a member you will get access to all our ambassador profiles and the booking system.

Ambassadors. For those of you interested in joining us as ambassador: we would love to have you on board. We are currently taking on any students trained as peer supporters at the University of Oxford. Sign up as a member and head over to the ambassador sign up page!

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