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In Person Coffee Chat

Book. Coffee. Chat. Connect.

  • 1 hour
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Book an appointment to have a free coffee and a chat with one of our ambassadors. Please specify a cafe or location you would like to meet, and you will receive an email connecting you to your ambassador so you can confirm details and a location that works for both of you. All in person meetings should adhere to the current government guidelines.

Cancellation Policy

By participating in this service, the participant is aware of, and agrees to, the following: - This service is only for University of Oxford students (grad & undergrad) and Junior Research Fellows/Junior Postdocs. - One appointment max per week. - No contact outside of the appointments. - Each meeting can last up to 1 hour, but there is no obligation to stay for the entire meeting. - If you feel uncomfortable, always know you are free to leave. The same goes for the Ambassador. No hard feelings. - The Ambassadors reserve the right to deny or leave a meeting. - This is not a professional service. It is a voluntary support service provided by peers. Our Ambassadors are neither counsellors, nor psychologists. - We are a confidential service. However, if we feel someone’s safety might be endangered we reserve the right to break that confidentiality towards the appropriate services (i.e. emergency or the Counselling Services). - We operate entirely independently from all departments and colleges, and will not contact either in regards to your situation. - Experiences vary across Ambassadors. Pick whomever you think might suit your needs the best. You can always schedule a conversation with another Ambassador later on. - The Ambassadors reserve the right to signpost (advise on to alternative services), and offer referrals to the Counselling Services. - Respect the person you are talking to. It is a two-way conversation.  - We are an open and inclusive organisation. We care about people from all walks of life, no matter what age, race, gender or sexual orientation.  - If you want a free drink***, please order it through the Ambassador. That was a lot of reading. Now come grab that free drink. ​ **If you would like an appointment elsewhere, contact us directly on our e-mail.  ***We love you, and so are happy to offer even the more expensive drinks - like a cappuccino with an upgrade to guest espresso -  at some of the more expensive café's in Oxford. But please be nice and stick under a cost of 3.20. A V60 pourover Geisha is not something we can afford...

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