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Codie, Mansfield

Hit Codie up with a chai latte or a hot chocolate, and a salted caramel brownie

Proud northerner Codie is a 3rd year Maths and Stats undergrad, and the first from her family to go to uni. She is here with a refreshed passion after suspending her studies, and is really into biostatistics! Codie loves yoga and pole dance, and is a sucker for pretty stationary. 

Lion, GTC

A flat white and a croissant for Lion, please.

Austrian postgrad in Molecular Medicine, Lion lived in NY city before moving to little Oxford for his DPhil. He enjoys running, climbing and reading good books. 

Martin, Sommerville

Make him happy with a cappuccino & his mum's choc banana cake.

Med Sci DPhil, who is happy to talk about anything but Med Sci -- including ecology, politics or feminism. Martin avoids sports like the plague and prefers baking, photography and YouTube procrastination.

James, Merton

Fan of a double espresso. Also loves an almond croissant.

Second year English student James can be found enjoying and writing (occasionally questionable) literary journalism, or curled up among good books!

Pronoun indifferent
Leonie, Merton

She has a matcha latte

& a croissant!

Coffee ambassador by experience, CA was set up based on Leonie's experience as an undergrad/grad & researcher. Book a casual chat with our Founder. 

Bea, Bristol

Long black to kickstart her day. Then mellows for any new and amazing-looking pastry.

Bea, @beastlyworlds on Insta, is our amazing collaborating artist. She has travelled much of the world, speaks a plethora of languages and draws the cutest cups, dogs, birds, plants and people.

Liyang, Mansfield

Peer support trained Assistant Junior Dean at Mansfield, Liyang has also served as MCR President and Equalities Officer. Worked as a consultant in engineering. Has the best smile and heaps of empathy.

He's into good filter coffee
& an almond croissant.
Leah, Society

Designer and coffee enthusiast, Leah, met the initiator of OU Coffee Ambassadors at the coffee shop she works in!

She'll have a guest espresso
& probably a banana loaf

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